And These Are The Most Profane Rap Songs And Albums In The Last 30 Years

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Since we’re shameless self-promoters, perhaps you missed TSS’ piece yesterday that recapped ten projects rappers regret making. You should check it out if you haven’t.

In several of those instances, rappers lamented their use of profanity to describe everyone from the LGBT community to women. If in reading those examples you thought to yourself, Gee, I wonder how these emcees’ profane vernaculars fit into the overall scheme of hip-hop, and how their diction in regards to profanity has changed over time, you’re in luck!

Best Tickets Blog put in the man-power to compile an entire study on profanity in Hip-Hop, finding the most profane artists, the most profane albums, the most profane songs and a whole host of other weird f*cking stats in regards to words like f*ck.

The specs: the team selected the five most important* records each year from 1985-2013 and combed through them for bad words. The words studied include f*ck, sh*t, b*tch, p*ssy, ho, n*gga, d*ck, c*ck, f*g/f*ggot, god d*mn, skeet, t*ts, c*nt and ass. Since a lot of their findings are heady statistical jargon–and better left to their explaining in the study–here are the biggest takeaways:

— There were 31,564 cuss words per album for a 217.7 cuss words-per-album average.

— A song from the study had, on average, 13.76 instances of profanity.

— Too $hort’s 1985 album Raw, Uncut & X-Rated was the most profane album, clocking 49.8 curse words per song.

— The most profane artists per song were The Geto Boys, as they uttered cuss words on average 46.4 times per song. The second-most vulgar artist? Geto Boys’ Scarface, with 33.3 cuss words per song.

— Bun B’s song “Some Hoes” had the most instances of profanity in its lyrics with over 113 cuss words. The words “n*gga” (51 times) and “ho” (46) make up the majority. However, the study qualifies that Lil Jon’s “Roll Call” is perhaps the most vulgar with 329 cuss words but it was not used in the study.

— The most profane year in Hip-Hop from the study was 2001 with 22.66 cuss words per song.

Check out the rest of the Best Tickets Blog’s article for other data crunching, and peep the above stats’ graphs below.

* — They note that this is relatively subjective, based off a slew of criteria like album sales and singles resonance.

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