“I Don’t Always Have To Say It…”

03.02.09 9 years ago 42 Comments

…Because thankfully there are others who do the dirty work for me.

“Most Hip-Hop Blogs Suck”

And many of the points B-Dub makes are valid. Very. There’s a distinct line between blogging, imitation and creating your own lane as a ____________ (insert the word for whatever it is you call yourself). Most of these sites are “a million Nah Right Jrs and OnSMASH orphans” and generally ass. No original thought. No engaging commentary. No reviews of the music. Just swiped links of the suggested “hot” song of the day.

Not to say we’re above thievery & putting it on cruise control every now & then. But in most cases, that’s just public service plus a placeholder as we concoct some other shit. In other words, innovate. Prove that you have a knowledge of more & more interests than just rap. There’s other genres. And as I tell people quite frequently, I don’t want to write about Hip-Hop music all day long because at times the music is stale. Also, audiences have more interests than just music. Engage them. Talk to them about sneakers, bureaucracy, wrestling….a “Coming To America” quiz. At the end of the day, Hip-Hop is bigger than just the music. Hip-Hop is a culture, a way of thought. And it’s the lenses through which I view the world so no matter what I talk about it, it comes from a Hip-Hop perspective.

So even when we do a cereal post, it becomes Hip-Hop.


The Confessional: Most Hip-Hop Blogs Suck [YFWB]

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