NFL Mount Flushmore

06.07.13 4 years ago 54 Comments


In case you hadnt looked out your window recently and noticed Dez Bryant trying to steal your car, its the offseason. To get us through this deadzone, Voice of the NFL and #2 overall Poweranked Analyst Mike Florio came up with the 2nd greatest idea of alltime: What if each NFL franchise had there own Mount Rushmore? Whod be on it?

Howevah! (Steven A Smith voice) itd be even better if we ranked the 4 lousiest representatives of each franchise on and of the Gridiron. I call it:


Were going to be breaking these down by division and were starting on Monday with the AFC West which is just a all-time toilet of a division anyways. Submit any nominations below or and on Monday Ill have a breakdown of 4 names per team from the Broncoes,Raiders,Chargers,and whatever other team plays in that division. Nominations past and present will be excepted. God bless.

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