“Mr. Class” Larry Johnson uses what’s left of Earl Campbell as justification for hold out

06.21.07 10 years ago 18 Comments
Getdafuck outta Earl’s way.

Larry Johnson tells Whitlock that he may hold out of training camp (or further) if he doesn’t get a new contract. We feel ya, LJ: man’s got to take care of business. But then he has to drag Earl Campbell’s name into the mess.

[L]ook at Earl Campbell. He’s not complaining, but he can barely walk. He’s sitting in wheelchairs. He can’t sit at banquets for a long amount of time before he has to leave. It’s sad to have to watch him go through what he has to go through. You look at me; I don’t want to be like that. But I may end up like him.

If by “like” Earl Campbell, LJ means “in the hall of fame,” there’s not much chance of that happening. In the meantime, if, as they say, Johnson wants Peyton money he better hope the Chiefs have forgotten all about a guy named Priest Holmes.

[Note: also, we are geeked at the prospect of more Big Sexy on Foxsports.com.]

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