‘Nation Of Wussies’ Rejoices For Football On Unusual Day

12.28.10 7 years ago 22 Comments

Normally, Ed Rendell is a never-ending font of fatheaded Filthydelphia f*cktardery, but I’ll give the Pennsylvania governor credit for ragging on The Rog for postponing the Vikes-Eagles game on Sunday on account of a blizzard. And he threw in some right fine racial stereotyping for good measure.

If this was in China, do you think the Chinese would have called off the game? He’s right, the people would have been marching down to the stadium, they would have walked, and they would be doing calculus on the way down.

And when they got there, they wouldn’t even watch the game until they finished their piano lesson! And if they complained – BLAM! – gunned down on the spot. Won’t even do the decency of hauling away your corpse. Just let you bleed out all over South Street. That’s the America I want to live in: China!

oh the irony: the eagles 1st ever NFL title, came in 1948, in a blizzard in philadelphia. the city somehow survived then sans SUVS and GPSless than a minute ago via web

I guess it is ironic that the Eagles ever won a title.

Derpwhile, Ol’ Brittfar remains listed as doubtful, though he’ll probably pull some horseshit an hour before kickoff, whether he actually starts or not. Don’t know about you guys, but I got enough brainless knob slobbing for ill-advised throws last night with Breesus, so we’re probably set for the rest of our lives. Thanks anyway, Favraro. Please watch your career’s final primetime loss on the sideline like a nice Dongslinger.

And to get the endless fantasy discussion started, what with many a league championship being determined tonight, I’ll give you the outlook of my three teams still in contention.

Semifinal – Down 13. Starting DeSean. Opponent’s starters are all done. That’s a solid maybe.
Semifinal – Up 31. Starting Vick. Opponent has DeSean and LeSean. Probably good here.
Championship game – Up two. Starting Maclin. Opponent (Maj) has Vick. I’m boned.

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