NBC Still Hates Us, Adds Scott Pioli To Sunday Night Football

06.17.13 4 years ago 24 Comments


You may have thought Ray Lewis would be the most noxious addition to an NFL talking head show this fall. Well, you’d still be right. But here’s another studio show addition that’s almost as bad: NBC is bringing on former Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli to the already bloated roster of Football Night In America.

Oh, the unspeakable things that will result. Not only does it make an incoherent, crowded show that much more unwatchable, but it means opportunities for Rodney Harrison and Pioli to gush about the Patriot Way on air. Oh, and does it help that Pioli and Peter King are friends? Only if you’re looking for someone to come between the torrid love affair between PK and Mike Florio.

Pioli said NBC Sports executives have told him they want him to be an “informationalist.” He described that position as “being able to talk about experiences, tie them into what is happening currently, and attempt to educate fans and viewers about how things really work behind the scenes.”

INFORMATIONALIST! That’s so much better than BULLSHITITARIAN, which is apparently the job title of everyone else working there. If anything, the insights from Pioli won’t differ greatly from what Bill Polian does at ESPN: attempt to rewrite the history of his own blunders while using his media platform to settle old grudges. Apparently every network needs that now.

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