50 Cent Goes Rogue On His Record Label With “Outlaw”

06.16.11 6 years ago 27 Comments

Petty disagreements with Interscope couldn’t stop Fif from dropping what strongly indicates to be the street single off of his, as of now, nameless, dateless upcoming LP. The “aggressive content-laden” record is slated to be his final album on his contract (excluding a greatest hits), and after reminiscing about the good times from last decade, I just don’t foresee an ascension into the stars.

His roller-coaster drop in album sales combined with multiple clashes with Jimmy Iovine and the good Doc would appear to have finally led them to a crossroads. Hell, I’m guessing that after the way Before I Self Destruct tanked, and just an overall degradation of musical quality, it’s gonna be quite the hurdle for Fiddy to even convince his bosses to give this release the green light.

How about that album artwork, eh? Leopard print will forever be tacky.

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