Azealia Banks – “Jumanji”

05.11.12 5 years ago 21 Comments

There’s no denying Azealia Banks can rap. However, for all the hype she gets, that’s really all we know about her. No matter if she’s styling on a reworked ’80s dance beat, a modern club rocker like “212” or the tribal symphony that is her latest single “Jumanji,” all she does is flex her bars. As Seinfeld would say, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but at what point is she going to give us something different? You know, something with some substance? A concept track, perhaps? With so much mediocrity in hip-hop nowadays, we’re all for MCs with mic talent, but what we appreciate more than anything is a well-rounded rapper who can display diversity with their output.

Well, this is definitely not that, as Banks harps here on why she’s got cameras flashing and scandals surrounding her name. Her typical “this is why I’m all that and you’re not” shtick, if you will. But, with her impending Fantastic mixtape coming soon, let’s hope she can show some range and live up to that acclaim she revels in.

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