Beyoncé – “Girls (Who Run The World)”

04.19.11 7 years ago 16 Comments

I thought something was wrong. Three years ago, Beyoncé’s insanely successful third solo album I Am…Sasha Fierce took over the world empowering women worldwide to force their men to place rings on their fingers (even though she herself was already married!), imagine life as a boy and embrace their abnormally large egos. That’s not even including the world tour by the same name. So I had no clue what to think when my Twitter time line and Facebook homepage were not flooded with quotes from her perceived new single, “Girls (Who Run The World).”

My opinion on the record? I’m not a member of the “He-man Woman Haters Club,” but it doesn’t do much for me from a musical outlook. From a business standpoint, consider the script filed. The song isn’t meant for me or my kind. Eternal members of the Mrs. Carter cult across the globe, however, will fall head over heels in love with this Diplo and Switch produced number once they’ve given it an opportunity to digest. Meka from 2DopeBoyz actually made a great point in regards to the type of potential acknowledgement awaiting in the coming weeks.

If anybody knows about the type of response Major Lazer’s “Pon De Floor” received when that dropped in 2009, you can understand why this one is going to be another No. 1 smash for Mrs. Carter.

All signs point to the video taking over the world and brainwashing the female persuasion any day now. And if, by chance, this record falls flat, best believe her second, third, fourth and fifth singles will more than make up for any failures. It’s the way of the world.

Beyoncé – “Girls (Who Run The World) (Prod. By Diplo & Switch)”

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