Blu & Exile – “A Man”

07.18.12 6 years ago 15 Comments

“Who do you believe in? I know it ain’t me.”

Do a Google image search for the query “cautious optimism” and we can almost guarantee Blu’s face pops up within the results. He’s always shown spurts of greatness but often only doing enough to stave off “he fell off” remarks. Except when he’s working with Exile, the more polished, organized yin to Blu’s yang. Five years removed from the widely accepted classic Below The Heavens, the producer-MC combo gets together again first for the Maybe One Day EP and its lead single “A Man.” With lyrics that Pastor Jomo Johnson would likely approve of, Blu delves into the theological “who do you believe in?” territory while Ex keeps the show moving forward with piano-driven production.

The track wasn’t included in Blu’s impromptu drop of Give Me My Flowers… but will be included on both the EP and LP. Maybe One Day’s up for sale in both vinyl and digital formats while Give Me My Flowers… is available for pre-order on Fat Beats, including a limited edition box set complete with a special Stussy Blu & Exile tee, the LP and a gaggle of extras.

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