Notable Quotable – Brother Ali On “Writer’s Block”

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“I ain’t trying to be one of them dudes
That makes hundreds of new songs and none of them are good
Some of ’em are cool, but they ain’t say nothin’ new
Runnin’ though a verse just for something to do
I wanna be the cat that put the straw on the back
Of the camel and sent him to the chiroprac
I wanna write a line that’s in your head all day
Songs that make you say you’ve never felt that way
I’m trying to give myself goosebumps, OK?
Find the truth inside me and put it on display
Many dedicated folks listen to me close,
I open my inner-soul and slip it in my quotes
Some flood the blogs, some flood the streets,
I don’t flood nothin,’ I’m watering the seeds
I walk away from MCs, offering my G’s
To author a sixteen and drop it on they beat
And it’s not like money ain’t somethin’ that I need,
There’s a business side and I want to succeed
Plus, I got a wife and a couple kids to feed
But, if I sell my love, then what’s left of me?”

For all the rap careers spotlighted by features, or by beating listeners over the head with ungodly amounts of new music and then betting on the law of averages, it’s reassuring to hear Brother Ali quickly dismiss those as his means to some ends on this jazzy new single, “Writer’s Block.” Instead of maxing himself out for fame, the Minneapolis MC can coast on the foundation he’s already laid, via years of rocking the underground circuit and building his die-hard fan base one by one. And, as he gears up for the release of his upcoming album, Mourning In America And Dreaming In Color, the last thing supporters of this seasoned vet should be doing is sitting by their computer, anxiously awaiting new material from their hero.

Instead, they should be patient knowing that quality comes with time and time is better with quality.

Brother Ali – “Writer’s Block”

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