Chance Fischer Feat. Garnett Boldin – “Fortuna”

06.28.12 5 years ago

This weekend I’ll be attending Epic Fest, Richmond, Virginia’s, premiere music festival for local talent. While I am prepared to be handed CD after CD after CD, there’s a genuine appreciation residing in me that’s intrigued to see more than a few acts take the stage. Chance Fischer being one of them. For the past two years now, I’ve championed the Cornell grad as an emcee who’s vivid wordplay and unique sense of self stand as his most notable and honest qualities.

In preparation for this weekend, Chance has been releasing new music and videos throughout the week via his own #EpicWeek series concluding in an EP dropping Saturday. This recent installment, “Fortuna,” finds him questioning his own conscience on why he allowed opportunity to slip through his fingers to express his truest feelings to the girl his heart yearned for and his mind fantasized over. It’s not the overly sappy rap/R&B blend you’re expecting. Instead, a more soulful approach is taken from the instrumental to Garnett Boldin’s haunting hook and even Fischer’s bars.

Seeing as how it is a relatively new song, I’m not expecting Chance to run through this whenever his set arises. Either way there’ll be drinks there. And I’m going to hear some dope music from acts who grew up right under my nose. My weekend’s set. How about yours?

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