Fashawn – “Big Dreams” Video (Prod. By J. Cole)

06.24.11 6 years ago 8 Comments

The theme of ‘dreams’ or ‘dreaming’ in rap right now is about as played out as my Beta copy of Ghostbusters back in 1988. It’s the poor-man’s “swag.” And, while I happen to believe in Fashawn as an artist, this video for his song “Big Dreams” looks like it was filmed around that time, as well. With the vinyl-static practically built into the Fresno kid’s high-pitched delivery and vocational flow, though, I guess a hint of nostalgia is part of dude’s persona. I digress.

Still, if it hadn’t been for the Cole World production I wouldn’t have even checked for this because of how unoriginal the name was. But, I can be a picky bastard, too. So, press play and formulate your own damn opinion.

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