Homeboy Sandman – “72 Bars For Chosenberg”

01.04.11 7 years ago 8 Comments

Homeboy Sandman fills every space in a bar, like he has way too much to say to fit into the predefined structure of the song. His flow rushes over its self, never allowing the listener a rest. If you blink for a second or get lost in the man’s remarkable rhyme structure, you’ll miss a gem of knowledge or a quick, sly punchline. Over a rollicking horn sample in “72 Bars For Chosenberg,” the Queens representative once again demonstrates that he should not be slept on. He looks to land a knockout blow from the very beginning in this display of verbal pugilism, dropping the line “Angel from Elmhurst, Bumping Von Pea in the R.I.P. Sean Bell shirt” with his first breath. Few emcees can match the ability, knowledge and imagery shown off in that single rhyme, and Homeboy Sand does not let up from there.

The track is only a radio rip for now, as it was debuted on the Real Late Show with Peter Rosenberg a few days back. But even with slightly muddied sound quality, Homeboy Sandman still shines bright. The man’s knowledge, hunger and skill are undeniable. Give him one chance and this cat will turn your lights out with a single blow.


Homeboy Sandman – “72 Bars For Chosenberg”

Via 2DB

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