Meek Mill – “Amen” Feat. Drake, Jeremih x “Burn” Feat. Big Sean

05.04.12 6 years ago 13 Comments

Meek Mill is an unrelenting street rapper with a yelp of a voice and minimal inclinations towards pop stardom. But he also has a major label debut to release later this summer, so what better way to gain some added exposure than to collaborate with a couple of Hip-Hop’s biggest crossover acts for his upcoming mixtape, Dreamchasers 2. Not to say these things don’t work both ways: young rappers with a strong presence in the mainstream are becoming increasingly more cognizant of the value in covering all musical bases. That includes working with guys like Meek, rappers who while lacking a top 40 hit, maintain a dedicated, often grassroots fanbase (though Meek’s stature has certainly grown nationally on the back of street smashes like “I’ma Boss”).

So today, Meek lets loose a couple of big-name team-ups off DC2, which is set to drop in full on Monday. The first offering, “Burn,” bolstered by production from frequent collaborator Jahil Beats, finds Meek inviting the punchline-happy Big Sean into his world of frantic, adrenaline-fueled Hip-Hop. The braggadocio comes fast and sneering as the two MCs pass the mic over the blaring backdrop. Raising the star meter for round two, Meek hooks up with his soon-to-be tourmate Drake, who’s apparently now the go-to feature for hood-approved rappers. The resulting track, “Amen,” is a more musical number, tricked out with organ keys by KeY Wane, a chorus from Jeremih, and yet another maybe-but-maybe-not subliminal shot from Drizzy (figure it out yourself).

Not bad for one day’s work. And if you’re worried about Meek firing off his strongest ammo before Monday, remember: there’s still the track with Kendrick to look forward to.

Meek Mill Feat. Drake & Jeremih – “Amen” (Prod. By KeY Wane, Co-Prod. By Jahlil Beats)

Meek Mill Feat. Big Sean – “Burn”

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