Mike Posner – “Save Your Goodbye” (Brenton Duvall Remix)

10.10.11 6 years ago

One cool thing about following artists on Twitter is watching their fruition. After catching budding production beast Brenton Duvall applauding Mike Posner here and there over the past year or so, last night the two exchanged props after the face of Potomac Boys Club revitalized “Save Your Goodbye,” from Posner’s 31 Minutes To Takeoff debut. While your little sister’s favorite MI singer dug how Duvall further evoked the sadness of his song by adding glitched-out depth and drums to the melody from Jon Brion’s “Collecting Things,” off the Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind soundtrack, Brenton himself just seemed genuinely excited someone he looks up to was finally catching on.

Since Mike likes putting remixes on his mixtapes and is currently prepping The Layover as we speak, let’s hope Benton’s version finds a spot somewhere official.

DownloadMike Posner – “Save Your Goodbye” (Brenton Duvall Remix)

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