Ryshon Jones – Basqui Mixtape

04.10.12 6 years ago

Whether you’re keen to Ryshon Jones yet, or not, just know this budding Philly rhymer is working overtime to make sure that won’t be the case for long. Over the past year, it seems the sleepless MC has locked himself in the studio, breathing bars and hooking the mic into his veins like insulin. Now, keeping that unwavering work ethic in tact, the grindaholic has churned out his second project in the past three months, with Basqui.

A loose dedication to the hailed graffiti-artist-turned-painter, this project features a slew of new releases, recent leaks and the same down-trodden vision that aims to “give the hopeless hope” we’ve become accustomed to hearing from Jones. Tackling beats from Thelonius Martin, Talen Ted, Lee Bannon and others, Ryshon manages to cover an array of topics on the tape, delivering everything from insight into his dreary surroundings on “Nightmare In Philly” and “Clouded Vision,” to ratchet singalongs on “I.R.S.” and the broken heart themes of “Off-Beat Love.” But, amidst all the gut-checking quotables and visions of perseverance, the highlight of this project might be the overall cohesiveness, which is consistent throughout each concept and compliment the 20-year-old’s overcast vision perfectly.

If you’re always upbeat and continually ignore the twisted realities lurking in your rearview, Ryshon Jones’ latest probably isn’t for you. However, if you’re well aware everything ain’t peachy and just trying to find perspective, Basqui might just help you connect with the things you’ve buried deep within yourself and push you to move forward. As for Ryshon himself, well, that’s probably the very reason he’s already half-way into his next project.

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