XV – “Boss Level”

10.12.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

Considering everyone from Bobby Ray to Jay-Z are catering their sound around the power of this expanding Dubstep genre, it surprises me Vizzy is the first person I’ve heard spit over Skrillex’s chaotic “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites.” With 33 million YouTube plays due to it’s similarities to a mid-air collision between UFOs, the song is something of a staple for the genre many are already declaring dead. However, on “Boss Level,” the self-proclaimed last hero uses his King Bowser flow in attempts to topple this enormous force of sonic chaos.

Dropping more true life gems than quirky video-game one-liners, though, XV proves his ascension towards victory has already happened.

DownloadXV – “Boss Level” (Produced by Skrillex)

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