Yelawolf Feat. Lil Jon – “Hard White (Up In The Club)”

08.04.11 6 years ago 7 Comments

Shame on me for forgetting the energy Lil Jon brought to Hip-Hop in the mid-2000’s. For better or worse, he altered the course of the music with his presence and sheer ignorance and may have just moonwalked his way into a notable single for Alabama’s own Yelawolf. After downing an entire 12-pack of Crunk Juice, Yela and Jon hopped in the studio to record the trunk rattling, country cooked “Hard White (Up In The Club).”

For a moment, I thought it was 2005 all over again because everything the song showcased was what Jon (and the Eastside Boyz) specialized in during their reign of terror. It even has the obligatory “don’t give a fuck” chant. The only difference this time being Yela’s high speed flow weaving in and out of drum patterns like a car on the highway jumping lane to lane in hopes of leaving every other whip in its rearview. It’s stupid, really. The good stupid, though. Since Yela doesn’t smoke (to my knowledge), this beer’s for him and the entire Ghet-O-Vision team. Hopefully this is the record that cracks the mainstream seal.

Yelawolf Feat. Lil Jon – “Hard White (Up In The Club)”

Respect: HHNM

P.S. – Does anyone realize that, as of today, Yela, K.R.I.T., Cole and Phonte all have albums coming out on Sept. 27?

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