NFL Analyst Power Rankings (Official) #6- Rick Reilly

05.20.13 4 years ago 18 Comments

I’m PFT Commenter and I’m counting down the 10 sharpest minds in the industry. Where will your favorite analyst or sports person land? (probably not high)

Ranked on: Infotainment value, being a pros pro and strength of takes

6. Rick Reilly

Infotainment Value: 10

Ricks been somewhat unfairly criticized due to the size of his contract which to be fair isnt really his fault. You can almost think of Rick as a Jamarcus Russel type analyst. he had everything going for him so you cant blame half-dead businessmen for throwing 8 figures at him.

The best part about Reilly is he always keeps you guessing. Hes liable to write Limericks, Poems, Sports Themed Popular Song Parodys, Haikus, and Odes. Hes got jokes for days (Toothday Morning Quarterback would be a absolute Grand Slam of a column) and lets face it the guys not bad to look at either.

Reilly wrote my favorite movie of alltime and one of the classic great sports flicks Leatherheads. I’ve watched Leatherheads like 9 times (its just kind of a zany goof on football) and guess what i didnt find a single example of a guy whining because of a concussion or a coach pretending to be sick for media attention no offense.

Being a Pros Pro: 1

Anytime your that much better than your peers at something,, your going to draw a little jealousy. It might serve Rick well to cover a single swimsuit shoot without writing a IN YOUR FACE column about it but I honestly could never do that. Mormon Steve Young hates him because Rick is obviously just swimming in trim and Steves got a frontrow seat which is almost exactly like being front row at a Gallagher show (maybe even funnier) with the amount of plastic you need to protect you from all the juices.

Reilly also lost some respect from League Circles when he axed his slam poetry column on jazz cat Mike Tomlin in exchange for axcess to Big Bens’ personal MRI technician/massage therapist/lets face it shes just a concubine,, plays aren’t the only thing Big Ben’s extending on NFL Sunday folks.


Strength of Takes: 10

Does he tell it like it is? Check. Does he apologize? Never. Is he the most popular guy on set? Without a doubt. Ricks the Charles Barkley of the NFL who can deliver any criticism in a way so people can see their own weaknesses, almost like a dentists mirror IMO. Its just the media is so desirable for a black analyst to do well they inflate Charles Barkley and constantly diss Reilly for being just a nother brilliant White journalist.

Reillys also a big believer in Doing Something About It. A lot of you journalists out there like to bitch and moan, but the reality is your not Making Anything Better. Reilly has proposed rule changes for wearing jerseys, rushing the court, golf, baseball, golf, having a entourage (sorry Kapernick), baseball, making signs at games, and golf, all over the course of a single career.


Best Career Moment: He’s the odds on favorite for a Oscar in 2015 as his screwball madcap Golf comedy Missing Links is being made in to a real box office “Draw” of a movie. CANT WAIT (Bart Scott voice)

Total Score: 21. A rich mans Mitch Albom, not really a man of the people so much as a Man among people.

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