Notable Quotable – Curren$y’s “Scared Of Monsters”

04.15.09 9 years ago 18 Comments

Sweatpants and Bo Jacksons,
Listening to Pac ‘Teardrops & Closed Caskets
Story got told that was oh so tragic
Everyday in the Crescent the same shit happen
Nigga get clapped & retaliation follow
Homey killed whoadie,
Whoadie homies gone kill homey tomorrow
Oblivious to it, I ride in my Monte Carlo
Penning my rhymes of happiness, not sorrow
Though I know shit from sugar, niggas’ll push ya
That’s why when my brother offered me a burner I took it
Pray I never have to use it, but I keep it baby
Cause it seem the cool niggas getting killed lately
And I’ll be damned, nevermind, I put it behind
DeLorean doing 85, I travel through time
That’s how I got that old game
Leaning on the Azure
Momma said ‘Nice car’
I’m like ‘This old thing?'”

The first time we posted this, it was more like a simple passing of material, assuming cats would absorb it & champion Spit Vicious’ cause. At times it feels like he’s overlooked because he does come off so unassuming. Kicks, weed, old cars & enjoying his life seem to be the same topics. In between all that, he speeds up the pace & drops what could be called social awareness. Not really, but it could be. Casual observances I guess.

First I thought it was just me that was really stuck on this track until I asked TC & he said it was on repeat for him since he saw it live. This second verse is littered with wordplay & graphic details. And by the time the beat starts to hit a plinking drop part of the way through, you’re wrapped up in the short description being spit.

So let’s try this again.


Curren$y – “Scared Of Monsters”

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