Notable Quotable – Fat Joe’s “Heavenly Father”

07.27.10 7 years ago 20 Comments

There’s three sides to every story: yours, mine and the truth. The Terror Squad offices have had revolving doors since Pun’s passing, yet the commander-in-chief has never switched positions. Who’s real and who’s phony? Who really knows but we do know that Joey Crack sent a volley in Pun’s wife’s direction on his new LP.

“I PAID NIGGA’S RENTS, even paid nigga’s bails
Gave niggas jobs so they wouldn’t go to jail
Did so much dirt niggas knew I wouldn’t tell
Paid for some funerals, they probably went to Hell!
I don’t owe nobody nothing, man I gave that bitch a mil
I ain’t beatin’ round the bush, I’m just speaking on what’s real
I ain’t talkin’ on no bullshit, man I’m talkin’ bout what’s real
I ain’t justifying beatings but she cheated on my nilz
Cheated with his brother, GOTDAMN this bitch ill
Probably the reason my nigga never left a will
Things you’ll never know
Have mercy on his soul
Big Pun
One of the most realest I’ve ever known…”

Fat Joe on “Heavenly Father” from the album The Darkside Vol. 1

While the he/say she/say struggle will probably last a lifetime between these two, it’s strikingly suspicious you only hear from Liza Rios when she’s doing PR for her own benefit. No fundraisers, positive messages, no nothing. Maybe Joe’s had enough?

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