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07.11.12 6 years ago 11 Comments

Catching up with Wade Phillips over the off-season?

— Jim Irsay trolls multitudes: Not only will the Colts ignore the new NFL blackout rules if their games don’t sell out this season, but Irsay is ducking giving a comment about the decision to Indy Star columnist Bob Kravitz by tweeting, of course, a bunch of dickhead classic rock lyrics as a form of evasion.

— Michael Vick has realized a lifelong dream. No, not living in a blunt cabin built on top of a mountain of weed. That’s for after football. Instead, Vick has started his own clothing line. Sounds like a sure-fire way to get further into financial trouble, but it’s just a regional promotion with the line only appearing in 30 Modell’s stores, 20 of which are in the Philly area. The other 10 aren’t specified, which means Atlanta.

— Good news, Broncos fans: Peyton’s neck is healthy enough for shilling. The latest Pey-Pey commercial for Buick features him calling audibles at his GPS. I don’t think it goes far enough. “I wanna run an option route through that corn field. If it’s zone coverage over the top, we plow through the barn. If it’s man, we take out some livestock. Set, hut!”

— Cliff Avril said in a radio interview that being stuck with the franchise tag “affects you mentally” and “messes you up and slows you down.” You got that, pregnant mothers. Don’t use the franchise tag if you’re expecting. We should lobby for a Surgeon General’s warning on that thing.

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