Online PS3 Gaming Dispute Ends With Real Life Ass Kicking

08.26.10 7 years ago

Do not let your eyes deceive you, readers. Even though I know the banner picture above looks like Brad Pitt standing next to Owen Wilson, it’s not. It’s just an optical illusion. The two male models you see here are 24-year-old Eric S. LaChapelle (left) and 18-month year-old Corey J. Chalich (right), and late last week these two got into such a heated online rivalry, while playing an undisclosed PS3 video game, that it prompted LaChapelle to get into his vehicle, drive over to Chalich’s house and beat his ass down.

Do deliver the details, PostStar:

One of the men, Eric S. LaChapelle, 24, of Hudson Falls drove to the Homestead Village, Queensbury home of the other and assaulted him, according to the Warren County Sheriff’s Office.

That assault prompted the other combatant, Corey J. Chalich, 18, of Adirondack Avenue to threaten LaChapelle with a knife, police said. LaChapelle fled the scene and was arrested by Glens Falls Police minutes later, officials said.

LaChapelle was charged with third-degree assault, a misdemeanor, and released. Chalich was charged with second-degree menacing, a misdemeanor, and released.

Wait, let me get this straight – so if some dude with really unnecessary facial hair ever shows up at my house and kicks me in the face, I’m not allowed to pull a switchblade comb knife on the guy? I’m a little unnerved at the present moment, thinking of all the hundreds of people I’ve berated over Xbox Live, only to leave them with my home address and telling them to show up with cookies.

So class, what have we learned here today? That’s correct, if you ever get a haircut like these two individuals, baaaaaad things are bound to start happening to you. It’s science.

Special thanks to Kotaku for the tip and banner picture.

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