Packers-Seahawks Season Opener Live Blog, Second Half

09.04.14 3 years ago 940 Comments

re pete


So the first half of a game of action of the 2014 season hasn’t been bad. That bodes…well? We can only hope.

On the opening drive, the Packers come out running and parlayed a few nice Eddie Lacy runs into a couple first downs until they were set up in a 3rd and 10, a play that ended with an Aaron Rodgers sack.

Green Bay got a stop on the subsequent drive and nearly an interception at midfield, but the ball was jarred loose just before the Packers defender could secure it. Seattle lined up to punt and then the Packers were called for running into the kicker. That extended a Seahawks drive enough that they ended with a 35-yard field goal for the first score of the season.

A Packers three and out led to Earl Thomas fumbling the ensuing punt as a Packers player collided with him just as the ball arrived. Thomas hadn’t called for the fair catch as he might have thought there was still a chance to return it. It was entirely reckless, is what I’m saying.

On their third chance, the Packers’ offense finally got something going, thanks to a nice Randall Cobb reception on a third down to move the sticks. That drive ended with John Kuhn scoring the first touchdown of the 2014 season and I’m not sure it will get that gritty again the rest of the year.

A pair of 33-yard completions, the first to Percy Harvin to get into Green Bay territory, the second to Ricardo Lockette for a touchdown on a play where he juked the shit out of Ha Ha Clinton Dix in open field, gave Seattle its second lead.



The Packers evened things up when Cobb drew a blatant pass interference penalty out of an outmatched Bobby Wagner in coverage. That set Green Bay up inside the 10 but they could only manage a tying field goal.

A pretty crazy one-handed Zach Miller catch was the highlight of the next scoring drive for the Seahawks, which ended with a Marshawn Lynch touchdown.

Green Bay had a chance to get more points on the board before half. Rodgers had a chance to scramble for a first down on a 3rd and 3 not far into Seattle territory but chose instead to throw the ball away just as he was about to pass the line of scrimmage. It looked as though he’d get the first down but would likely have to have taken a serious hit as a result, so it looks like he erred on the side of not getting more injuries. Hey, it’s only Week 1, I guess.

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