Patriots Fans Feel Robbed, Want Black Man To Blame

02.08.08 10 years ago 238 Comments

Christmas Ape linked to this petition earlier in the day, from Patriot fans calling on Roger Goodell to investigate the outcome of the Super Bowl. Yes, because no Boston team can ever lose without it being a cosmic injustice of notable historic significance, this petition has garnered well over 1,000 signatures from Boston-bred douchebags the world over. Let’s have a sample, shall we?

38. Dave Rosenthal I can’t believe this isn’t a big story. I mean, we should be 19-0, but the NFL hates that Pats, so instead we have to go through this the rest of our lives knowing we got gypped.

91. Bradley Whitaker The referees seemed as though they wanted the Patriots to finally lose.

119. Brandon Lathrop Proven That the game was over after eli was tackled, should have been a patriots win, this was a all set up by the nfl as a conspiracy.

109. Andrew Paterson It is obvious that, whether by accident or intent, the clock was kept in the last 1:40 illegally and in such a way that it cost the New England Patriots a fair chance to win the Super Bowl. This is not bitterness talking, I actually believe the outcome would or could have been different. Please, at the very least an acknowledgement or apolgy, if not your ordering of a replay of the game from that point on, even though I realize how much that is to ask.

105. alex ketabi this must be investigated. this completely proves that the patriots should be super bowl champions

312. Meaghan O’Toole give the patriots their rightful win

968. Daniel Duggan I was orinally signer 47. I have since found my dignity and self respect. I formally withdraw signature 47. Oh and this one too.Please don’t count me twice. Don’t count me once either. Don’t count me at all please. Though we did get ripped off 1:40. That kinda sucked. You know? I mean with that extra time and all, we could have won it. In fact we deserved to win. GOD DAMN. WE WERE CHEATED. We WERE EFFEN CHEATED! THIS SUCKS. THIS REALLY, REALLY, REALLY SUCKS. We should be 19-0 and on top of the world. Man, I hope this petition gets to Mr. Goodell. He can make it right. PLEEEEEASE make this right Roger. Please, Please,Please, Undefeated that’s what we should be. Undefeated.

1144. Shamus Hughes Not only was the game clock illegal, there were questionable calls during the pass in which Eli Manning threw that pass downfield, there were 2 holding calls, including a severe one on Adalius Thomas. The fact that the NFL is trying to make the Mannings the faces of the NFL has to stop and they have to realize that its time to start calling fair games, even if the Patriots are playing

194. Erik Frenz I don’t know much about the rules of the NFL but as a Patriots fan if this is true I feel cheated. If this is true there should seriously be a replay of the last 1:40 of the Super Bowl. I didn’t bet on it myself, but a lot of people lost or gained a lot of money on this game and the real outcome deserves to be known.

193. John Vairo I would like to call out all the hypocritical Giants’ fans here. If you think you’re so amazing, then why are you so afraid to possibly play another game? According to you, the Super Bowl is more important than any other game. So if you were so “dominant” in this “fixed” game, why are you so afraid to replay 2 minutes of a game or even a whole additional game? You talk so high and mighty like you’re the greatest team ever, but then hide in the corner, content with the excuse of “Well, we won. It doesn’t matter if it was fixed or not.” I strongly encourage the commissioner of the NFL to investigate this matter, because to not, would destroy the integrity of the game, and will make me stop watching the NFL from now on, because it is clearly fixed.

Stunning, isn’t it? You wouldn’t think that one group of people could reach suchs high levels of both arrogance and insecurity simultaneously. It’s the sort of thing anthropologists will study years from now, asking themselves, “How was such douchebaggery enabled in a civilized society?” Alas, I do not know the answer. I wish I did. I really, really do. So we at KSK felt naturally obligated to sign the petition as well. Here were our sentiments.

1116. Obill Bin Cheetin All my internet warriors. Stay in cave. We weather storm together. Camel lick raw butt. We be better in no time.

1186. Tommy This is fackin’ bull shit! That dahhhkie Mike Carey rawbbed our man Welkahhhhh of the MVP! AS FAAAAAHHHH AS I’M CONCERNED, WE’AH UNBEATEN!!!!

1183. B-Simm It’s not fair! This was supposed to be OUR moment! I had a bag of frozen peas waiting for Tom!

1151. supermike4ever I only started rooting for the Patriots once they started winning Super Bowls. Now I don’t know what to do.

1163. Matt Walsh I am filming all of you signing this.

We encourage you to sign it as well. Show these Pats fans that you support them. They need you. BECAUSE THEY ARE FUCKING LOSERS WHO CANNOT GET OVER ANY SLIGHT THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO THEM, BE IT REAL OR IMAGINARY. We’ll post the best ones here. Please note you can sign it many times over!

UPDATE: Here are some good ones:

1152. Teddy Bruschi’s Skull Clot I’ll be back and so will the…….*thud*

1160. Randy Moss’ girlfriend Please let Randy win the Super Bowl! He’s going to kill me!

1177. T Kennedy The Er Eh… Pats were er eh robbed.

1181. Bob Hi there. I’m a Pat’s fan. I believe that we were robbed. I also believe that having a cock up my ass is very enjoyable.

1184. Victor Kiam Every time I think that the city of Boston can’t sink any lower they go and do this-AND TOTALLY REDDEM THEMSELVES!!

1196. Retard Ed McDouche Not only should the NFL investigate this game, but they should review every game from the last 25 years and award every Super Bowl to the Pats. Tom Brady is the one true Messiah and Coach Bellichik should be elected president. This is all the fault of black people. Now I have to go drink whiskey and beat my wife.

1215. Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer Your world frightens and confuses me, when I see a solar eclipse, like the one I went to last year in Hawaii, I think ‘Oh no! Is the moon eating the sun?’ I don’t know. Because I’m a caveman — that’s the way I think. But there is one thing I do know, the Patriots were robbed of their rightful championship

1294. hines ward prease lepray superbewrr. praxico is tarr leceivel but i win superbewrr without him! i hate praxico! he no make me smerre.

UPDATE: Oh noes! They’re brought out the Powerpoint presentations! Non-calls, of course, means cheating by the other team!

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