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01.16.13 5 years ago 13 Comments

In the past few days, a couple eagle eyed readers mentioned that they recall a SoundFX clip from the Broncos’ Week 10 win over the Panthers in which Peyton Manning, having just gotten away with an across-the-body touchdown pass not dissimilar from the season-ended interception he threw last Saturday in overtime against the Ravens, said to Brandon Stokley after the play, “That’s old no. 1 rule you never do. When you’re in your 15th year, you kind of just say ‘who gives a sh*t?'”

WELL I BET YOU GIVE ALL THE SH*TS NOW, DON’T YOU, PEY-PEY? Oh, the ironing. So delicious. Credit to the folks at 100 Yards & Running for digging up the clip. That’s good hustle.

— The Broncos have opted to replace their secondary coach, but John Fox says it has nothing to do with one game or one play, and everything to do with doing things for other made-up, bullshit reasons.

— Denver’s mayor injured himself warming up to do the Ray Lewis dance that is required of him because he lost one of those requisite friendly political wagers on the Ravens-Broncos game.

— Speaking of Ray-Ray’s trademark spastic dance, a light display of it is being shone onto the side of a Baltimore hotel. Hooray, clever ways of promoting terrible things!

— Everyone assumed Gronk’s season-ended injury was an aggravation of the same broken arm he suffered earlier in the season, but reports indicate he actually broke the arm in a new, exciting second place.

— The Land Baron recently took part in a church dodgeball tournament. According to a Busted Coverage tipster, there was apparently a bounty out of Favre. Peter King took a break from his newfound life-living to make immediate calls for Roger Goodell to suspend all church service in Mississippi until the perpetrators are brought to justice.

— Seahawks tight end Zach Miller now only had a monster game against the Falcons, but did so while playing with a torn plantar fascia for almost the entire game, making KSK look even for silly for not giving him at least an honorable mention for Meast of the week. Oop dee!

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