PFT Commenter wrote a book. Vote here for the charity that he should donate to

05.27.14 3 years ago 87 Comments

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We all new it was going to come to this sooner are later.

I wrote a book. Well, a E-Book. You can and should definitley buy it here.

Its literaly costs $4.99 which is cheaper then a bottle of mad dog 20/20 and a condom. It tells the story of Roger Goodell fighting for the future of the NFL verse evil socilaist Nazi President Barack Obama after Jerry Jones dies during a dick surgery. It is honestly the best book ever written. Heck, I mean heck, Dave Rappoccio from this here websight did the illustratons, heck.

But as you know Im not a big me-first type guy. Im a hardworker not some glory boy whose going to go out and spend all my royaltys on like a gold chain with a picture of Pacman Joneses grillpiece wearing another chain on it. I know the importence of supporting the good causes that the NFL gives us to make are lives better. As I said at Thanksgiving:

Its importent to give back to charity or whatever, but its MORE importent to make a big deal out of it when you are so that you can literally say whatever you want about Titus Young the other 51 weeks out of the year„ and then when people call you racist you can point to charity work that you only did to get laid.

So Im making a big deal out of it and donating 10% of all proceeds to a charity. Its not much but the book is literaly $5 so you can keep your complaints to yourself. The only thing I need to figure out is which charity Im donating to, so I would like your help. I was going to send a kid to Mike Alstotts football camp but he’s not having the camp this year SMH. So I decided I could either switch it to John Kuhns football camp, the Pat Tillman Foundation, or I reached out to my good buddy Dan Woodhead to see what he thought:


So theres the three options. I will donate to what ever charity you guys vote the most for because I believe in we- not me.

But sense I’ve got you here you should buy my book. Its honestly very informative and probably the best book you’ll ever read this summer. Heres what some other people you might know have said about it:


“PFTCommenter has the kind of grit that no other media elite can possibly match.  Only he’s gonna give you hard truth: That football is great and everything is fine and anyone who says otherwise is a pussy and a reverse racist.”

-Drew Magary


“It’s great, and I have no idea what just happened, but Jerry Jones dick exploded and that’s enough for me.”

-Spencer Hall, SB Nation


“This is the least influential book of anything I’ve ever read. I hated it.”

-Adolf Hitler


Thanks for your supports and God Bless. Your all Elite as far as I’m concern.

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