Police Informant Caught On Tape Planting Drugs On Business Owner

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07.26.13 15 Comments

Police planting drugs and framing citizens should never happen but it does. Rarely is the deceivable act ever captured on camera. This is one of the lucky times it was.

A scumbag undercover informant working for the Schenectady County and Scotia County police departments in Schenectady, New York was captured on film placing a narcotic on the counter of a smoke shop. Despite selling incense and perfectly legal smoking paraphernalia, the counties’ police became “suspicious” of the business and its African-American owner Donald Andrews, Jr. Acting on their gut feelings, the county twice sent out the informant to investigate.

On his second visit, the Caucasian informant* can be seen in the video below placing crack/cocaine on the store countertop. The informant returned to police with photographic evidence of illegal drugs in the smoke shop which then led to the arrest of Andrews. It wasn’t until Andrews was able to provide the surveillance footage as proof of the setup was he released.

The Schenectady County sheriff says the informant didn’t “follow proper procedures” and denies sending him in to frame Andrews. The informant is said to be “in the wind” which I’m guessing is police talk for “lay low until this blows over so you don’t go ahead and snitch on us.”


* – Anyone notice the station’s shadiness by putting the victim’s mugshot-looking picture next to “caught on tape” as if he was the informant? SMH.

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