PoV: Pharrell’s Floating Studio

05.16.11 6 years ago 29 Comments

From Virginia Beach, Virginia, to enough money to afford a floating studio. I’d say that’s a come up. All those years of “Grindin'” (or
grustling) pays off when making music while drifting across open waters is no longer a dream for Pharrell. Instead, it’s his reality. This just makes me want to hustle 100 times harder. Chances are I’ll never see that much money, but I can at least strive for a nice pool and jacuzzi in the back yard. Maybe even a nice fishing boat if I ever learn how to fish.
Seriously, whoever said money cannot buy happiness was dead on. It can’t. With that in mind though, dead white men on green pieces of paper can put a rather hefty down payment on it.

Billionaire Boys Club via The.Life Files

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