Prodigy – “Genesis” Video

03.07.11 7 years ago 10 Comments

Clap for Prodigy, a free man making his way home today. With Alchemist’s guarantee that he, Havoc and P will be in the studio sometime later this afternoon, Hip-Hop fans definitely have something to rejoice over as new music from the Infamous duo is on the horizon. In the meantime, here’s the video for “Genesis” from H.N.I.C., Prodigy’s underrated 2000 release. As always, the man kicks it to the listener straight.

“But you gotta understand how I feel / The pain and the hardship it took to build / Years of frustration, some got killed / Others fell vic’ to the gates of steel / Most try to instill sanity still / Stuck on this rock where we don’t belong / I wanna go home not sing this song / But I’m forced to perform speech napalm / Calm, surrounded by all types of harm.”

While such a feeling is obvious and certainly no great insight, I’m excited to have Prodigy home and Mobb Deep working on music again. It’s a good day for Hip-Hop.

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