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Nicole Pankey

Love Her Or Hate Her, Rachel Jeantel Is A Star [CNN]

Will.I.Am’s Attorney Refutes Pharrell Williams Lawsuit Claims [The Urban Daily]

6 Super Awkward Moments At The BET Awards [Giant]

Artists, Here Are 5 Things To Watch Out For When Selecting A Publicist [Broken Cool]

When It Comes To Adoption, Black Babies Are Cheaper [Frank151]

Teen Faces Years in Prison for “Sarcastic Comment” He Made on Facebook [Gawker]

Spend $2 Bills To Show Your Support Of Marijuana Legalization [HMJ]

5 Seemingly Crazy Behaviors the Internet Says Are OK [Cracked]

The Most Inappropriately Unnerving ‘Kidz Bop’ Covers We Could Find [Uproxx]

Read David Chase’s Eulogy For James Gandolfini [Warming Glow]

Stallone & Schwarzenegger Escape From Prison & 50 Cent’s There Too [Film Drunk]

Timothy Olyphant Threw Out An Incredibly Handsome First Pitch [With Leather]

Vin Diesel Says Marvel Wants Him, Continues Dominating Facebook [Gamma Squad]

Medical Marijuana Activist Chris Williams Speaks Out From Federal Prison [Toke Signals]

NFL Suspension Chart for Players Who Haven’t Been Convicted of a Crime [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

‘Eastbound & Down’ S4: Ken Marino, Tim Heidecker, the Future, Probably Some F-Bombs [Grantland]

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