Rams Punter Pushes For NFL Ginger Awareness

02.14.13 5 years ago 18 Comments

The NFL counts a few gingers among its ranks, but only just enough that people still make a big deal when they spot one on the field. That may also be because gingers freak people out.

One of those creepy gingers is Rams punter Johnny Hekker, who did a Reddit AMA, during which he discussed the matter of his unspeakable gingeritis, as well as his mission of ginger awareness in the NFL. He even identified himself as a ginger punter in the subject line of the chat.

HAHA Cortland Finnegan always calls me Andy Dalton when I am throwing the ball around at practice. There is a few other gingers in the league that deserve mention as well…Two are even punters. Me, STL snapper Jake Mcquaide, Tim Masthay, Jon Ryan, Andy Dalton, Pat and Paul McQuistan…just to name a few. We are making a comeback!

That’s a very Cortland Finnegan move. Perhaps the most Cortland Finnegan move besides cheap shotting receivers away from the play. Still pretty funny. I like the idea of referencing a group of similar people by their most famous member. Because if it were any other racial or ethnic background, it would be offensive. But not with gingers because nobody respects them.

Good luck, Johnny!

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