Ray Lewis Asks You To Harness Your Pissed-Off-edness

03.29.12 5 years ago 10 Comments

Ray Lewis always wants the world to know how good he is at inspiring people by screaming platitudes at them. If you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about, you surely haven’t seen any of his finer feats in camera mugging on the sideline before Ravens games. It’s what I dislike most about Ray Lewis. Well, that and everything else.

That said, I very much enjoy the idea of Ray-Ray being completely unselective about dispensing his motivational prowess. On Tuesday, Ray randomly popped in on Stanford to fire up the team before they played in an NIT semifinal. N.I.T. FIYAH! That’s like if Batman dropped in from the heaven to stop someone from swiping from the take-a-penny tray. Nevertheless, imploring Stanford to be “pissed off for greatness” earned a smile. Normally people at Stanford are pissed off for having to deal with the lower rungs of society, so it’s probably sound advice.

The team, by the way, ended up winning over UMass to advance to the NIT championship round, so nice job, Ray. From now on, Billy Cundiff will know better than to be pissed off for irredeemable failure.

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