Redbox Gives Warner Bros The One-Finger Salute

02.01.12 6 years ago 7 Comments

You may have heard that Warner Brothers bullied Netflix into signing a contract that allows the studio to wait a full eight weeks following a movie’s release before shipping it out for rental. It’s obviously a move that’s designed to maximize DVD purchases, probablty since that’s where the suits make the most money. However, it’s a shitty option for people who just want to watch a film once, because with Netflix they now basically need to wait until the next weather change in order to do so

But wait! Avid at-home film buffs, there’s hope! Gizmodo reports Warner just tried to strong-arm Redbox into the same terrible agreement, but found themselves thrown flat on their asses outside of the office with their ruddy contract in shards. This means that from here on out all WB films can be rented at your local grocery store immediately upon release, without even the standard four week delay. It also means that Redbox will have to shell out full price for the flicks, but I’m sure that they money will easily be made up for during that extra first month of rentals. Also it will give them a significant advantage over arch nemesis Netflix, who’s unfortunately locked into the deal for a few more years.


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