Redskins-Cowboys Live Blog, First Half

10.13.13 4 years ago 617 Comments


The Eagles won earlier this afternoon, denying this contest of middling teams the privilege of deciding first place in the NFC East. That’s too bad. There are, however, still two defenses largely incapable of stopping anyone, so we should at least have a good deal of offense tonight.

Last week, Tony Romo delivered a masterful performance for 55 minutes only to fulfill Romo Crunchtime Narrative once he had a chance to achieve glorious redemption. But if it’s a true Romobyl meltdown you want to see, go back to the last time these teams met in primetime: Week 17 last year in Washington (Raljon, MD) when Romo had three interceptions in a game that sealed the NFC East title for the Redskins.

Two weeks ago, Washington picked up its first win of the season in Oakland. The ‘Skins defense is piss poor at tackling and, other than Ryan Kerrigan, lacks players who consistently make plays, yet somehow they have three defensive touchdowns on the season. It’d be a very Romo thing to contribute to that trend. The way RGIII has struggled to move the ball until well into the game, they might need it just to avoid falling behind big early.

Oh, and this is happening in Dallas, in case you didn’t think the ‘Skins name wouldn’t be an issue there as well.

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