Richie Incognito Has A Very Incriminating Social Media Presence

11.04.13 4 years ago 77 Comments

Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 8.31.38 AMOk, so late last night American Hero and walking O’Doyle family Richie Incognito was suspended indefinitely pending a investigation into harrassment of his teammate and possible nerd Jonathan Martin. It seems that while Richie is good at alot of things, managing his online presence and brand isn’t one of them. Maaaaaybe these tweets dont exactly look great for Richie, but there probably all taken out of context. (Context matters)

Richie if your out there, I think you could use so help in the social media/branding department as a special consultant. I’d love to offer my services. The first thing I would do is probably “scrub” your timeline of the following exhanges.

All this piggybacks on a Deadspin report that Richies Dad may or may not have been posting on message boards and saying that Jonathan Martin getting bullied is his fault for trying to kill himself which kind of makes sense if you squint,

I have fun with it and say Richies got all those tattoos because he knows how to get under your skin and make you do something you’ll regret the rest of your life,, but in this case the only thing Richie’s to blame for here is manahing his brand poorly and not engaging with his teammates properly in a attempt to increase his socialmedia bandwidth IMO.

Here you go Richie this first consultations on the house. Lets get this trending: #FreeRichie

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