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Suelyn Medeiros

Rihanna Donates $1.75 Million To Barbados Hospital [AP]

Bad Santa Fired For Telling Kids About Sandy Hook Shooting [Gawker]

Holiday Foods to Avoid (And What To Eat Instead) [Healthland]

Is The Pay Phone Making A Comeback? [CNN]

Pope Beats Justin Bieber On Retweets, Says Vatican [HuffPost]

Madonna Threatens To Cancel Concert In Chile If Fans Smoke Cigarettes [Shabooty]

Two Truths And A Lie: College Basketball Players Speak Off The Record [TSFJ]

Walmart Sells Assault Weapons But Bans Music With Swear Words [SVI]

Rappers Reveal Their Worst Christmas Gifts [The Urban Daily]

How To Avoid The Friend Zone For The New Year [Giant]

Holiday Movies For The Whole Family [Elev8]

Last Minute Sexy Gift Ideas [Peeperz]

Man On Chicago Transit Train Allegedly Hits Woman With Sock Full Of Feces [News One]

Evelyn Lozada Lifts Restraining Order Against Chad Ochocinco [Zona de Sabor]

Katt Williams Calls Jamie Foxx Gay, Says He Was Offered “Django Unchained Script [HHW]

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