Rockie Fresh Feat. King Louie – “How We Do” Video

01.26.12 6 years ago

Rockie Fresh and King Louie aren’t claiming the mean streets of Hill Valley, but they still know a thing or two about burning up the pavement with some good ‘ol fashioned drag racing while the city sleeps. The mastermind behind Driving 88 goes at his competition’s jugular veins with the visuals and brings out the Dr. Emmett Brown-mobile — the DeLorean — to show you exactly how the f*ck he does when he does it. Be sure to grab your courtesy copy of his last project, and get your tickets to his release party tonight if you’re in the Chicago area.

Elsewhere, King Louie has opened up a bank account to support his money flow, evidenced by the song above and the video for “Too Cool,” from his upcoming Dope & Shrimp tape.

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