Rocksmith Promotes Lust, Gluttony & Other Forms Of Evil That We All Love

08.05.13 4 years ago

I love a good lookbook, especially one with a strong theme or storyline to it. Stories are what sell me on the product because I buy these goods imagining that they’ll make me jump higher, run faster or make me completely irresistible to opposite sex. Rocksmith’s “Seven Deadly Sins” lookbook made me want to stock up on whatever these clothes bearing their signature Explicit logo are, hop on Kayak and book a trip to the Philippines to partake in Hangover-style mischievousness.

The whole thing was directed by do-everything lady Sarah Meier with photography handled by Gabby Cantero. They both tend to do phenomenal work.

The featured models are Pauline Prieto, Trasienne Estrada, Lala Dahl, Margaux Cortez, Danielle Gonzalez, Isa Crespo, Sudan Daniel. In other words, we’re putting the names here for easy access when we turn them all into Nightcaps. You’re welcome.





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