Roger Goodell Might Suspend the Pro Bowl

04.26.12 28 Comments

The Pro Bowl has been a joke for a long time now, with players skipping and/or half-assing it for a myriad of reasons, including injury concerns, “injury concerns,” and “I can afford my own damn trip to Hawaii, thank you very much.” Apparently NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has had it up to his auburn mane with the deteriorating quality of the game, and is considering suspending it — and possibly getting rid of it all together — if they can’t come up with a way to make the game more attractive to fans.

The Pro Bowl currently is on the NFL’s calendar the week before the Super Bowl in New Orleans on Feb. 3 but no game site has been listed because of its precarious status, sources added.

Sources say that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who has previously voiced his displeasure with the lack of competitiveness of recent Pro Bowl games, is strongly considering suspending this year’s game, sources say. [ESPN]

I love that it says he is “suspending” the Pro Bowl instead of canceling it. That is the most Roger Goodell thing possible. I half expect him to fine the Pro Bowl $50,000 and summon it to his office so they can have a long talk about its behavior and the impact it is having on the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. “Listen here, Pro Bowl. I’ve had it with your punk attitude and reckless shenanigans out there. I’m suspending you indefinitely, and if you have any interest in being reinstated you’ll set up weekly meetings with Tony Dungy from now through eternity. Now get out of my office. You make me sick. Send in Suh.”

Of course, the other possibility is that the Pro Bowl is getting suspended because Goodell got his paperwork screwed up, which, I imagine, will result in dozens of the league’s best players being sent to James Harrison’s house come January.

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