Sean Falyon Feat. Playboy Tre and Scar – “Wonderful Life”

11.03.09 8 years ago 7 Comments

Keepin’ it 100, Playboy Tre should just give up rap. Really.

What the man needs to do is take up pen & pad to scribe his autobiography or a few Donald Goines-eque paperbacks. Sure, his words sound melodic when done over music. But there’s a wisdom to his ghetto scriptures, reading like tomes for manhood. Words that should be shared on a wider level. There’s nothing cryptic or “deep.” It’s the starkness and the way he develops round, dynamic characters in his rhymes that attract. They aren’t heroes, just average cats working their way through the world. Between his mixtapes, his recent appearance on “Sleep” and now this street gospel, the brother’s lines deserve to be transcribed and required reading for young Black males.

And truth continuing to be told, I was OD’ing on Ambien regarding Sean Falyon. About two months ago, I got hip & I ain’t turned back since.


Download — Sean Falyon Feat. Playboy Tre and Scar – “Wonderful Life”

Finger pointin’: Maurice

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