Site Lets You Bet On When Peyton Will Succumb To NeckAIDS

06.07.12 5 years ago 8 Comments

For the purposes of the all-important national media narrative, the concern of whether Peyton Manning will be laid low once again by his persistent neck injuries is second only to if and when Tim Tebow takes over for Mark Sanchez in New York. With that much attention, it was only a matter of time before the gloriously debauched cynics in the gambling community said to themselves, “People should be able to bet on this.”

And bet they can. The site has placed an over-under line of 8.5 games on when Ol’ Battleship will be sidelined by injury. And yes, I realize the site doesn’t specify which injury, but Peyton had never missed a game in his career before the NeckAIDS got him, so I wouldn’t be too confident of him going down with, like, a broken leg or anything.

That it’s an over/under rather than a question of whether or not he will miss time at all speaks to a lack of faith in Pey-Pey’s android neck implants. Making it a matter of games is a little odd, too, given that the issue is not really a question of durability so much as it is Peyton avoiding that one nasty hit to his head that could probably end his career at this point.

Anyway, let’s remember he’s got James Harrison coming at him Week 1, sooooooo maybe the under isn’t a terrible look.

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