Site News: Your 2008 KSK Offseason Preview

02.07.08 10 years ago 59 Comments

Well, NFL season is over, and we’re left without games until… SEPTEMBER?! GAHHHHH!!!!!!

/dies inside

But fear not. For those of you who were new to the whole KSK hate train just this season (and Sitemeter indicates you number in the 10’s of 10’s!), you should know that the offseason mantra of KSK remains: Football season may be over, BUT DICK JOKE SEASON IS ALL YEAR ROUND.

To that end, we’ve got plenty in store for you during these offseason doldrums:

-Regular posting every weekday, as always
-More Wade & Jerry adventures
-The return of Kill Kill Kill
-The return of Better Know A Draft Pick
-The return of KSK mock drafts and KSK commenter drafts
-The return of KSK off topic. Get your towels ready
-Pictures of Drew, possibly drunk
-Drew goes to Vegas, loses assload of money
-More cheerleader posts
-More Osi Umenyiora poop jokes
-More hate
-More Marmalard
-More evenings out with Silky Garrard
-Michael Vick’s letters from prison
-More bukkake

Also, later on this year, we may be leaving our home here on Blogger and migrating to a new platform that’s all our own. And yes, it’ll have ads. It costs lots of money to pay those goddamn manatees to come up with this shit. Bout time we got back in the black. Otherwise, we won’t be changing a goddamn thing. We won’t be growing or developing as writers or human beings in any way, shape or form. That’s a guarantee.

So strap in. Or strap it on. We’re hurtling full bore into this shit. YEAAAARRRGHHHHH!

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