Smokin’ Dro Week 11 – “Grand Hustle Mafia”

11.24.10 7 years ago 10 Comments

Kudos to Rome Brown for suggesting this record seeing as how I totally overlooked this one. It’s a team effort folks.

Song: “Grand Hustle Mafia”

Source: Grand Hustle Presents: In Da Streets Vol. 4

Favorite Dro-ism: I’m more than a rapper, B/I do a lil’ actin’, B/Get a brick for 10, I do a lil’ trappin’, B/Ralph Lauren model, put the Polo on classically/Bright colors, watch me, I’m fresher than a drop fee…

Lifted Thoughts: Too keep it 100, I was 2.6 seconds away from quoting the entire third verse. The man said his sushi were P.F. Changs hand-me-downs for crying outloud! Now, I’m not sure how many have actually been there, but that’s not a place you go once a week. Nah, not even, you plan that trip in advance. At least on my budget you do. Why does this excite me so much? Hell if I know. Dro just makes having hand-me-down food from such an establishment the thing to do.


Young Dro – “Grand Hustle Mafia” (Prod. By Khao)

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