Snoop Dogg + Dâm-Funk – “Do My Thang” Video

02.26.14 4 years ago

Snoop’s had his share of missteps and WTF moves in recent years but all praises due to Jah he shed his Lion moniker temporarily to do the 7 Days of Funk project with Dâm-Funk. The move was mutually beneficial in that it took the D-O-double-G back to his G-funk roots, with Dâm’s vehicle being the time machine. As Snoop phrases it in the video below detailing their creative process, “I came to watch him DJ, sing, mix and do all that at the same time and I had to get on the mic ’cause I was like ‘this motherf***** go.'”

And it served as a way to put more people in tune with an artist whose work we’ve been enjoying and praising for a while now. Maybe somebody with a louder voice can help spread the word and Snoopy’s got a loud enough bark I suppose.

Speaking of, I saw Dâm’s push “Love Is Above,” a cassette recording, out via his social networks this morn. Per the description: “Recorded in my former Pasadena, CA. bedroom in 1988 when I was an adolescent & still in school. A time of innocence & nothing but a dream, a drum machine, some synthesizers & 2 tape decks.” Listen below.

H/T: Fader

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