Solange Reportedly Assaults Another Rapper

05.17.14 3 years ago 18 Comments

As it turns out, Jay Z wasn’t the only artist who caught a flurry of fists and kicks from Solange at the Met Gala. Surveillance cameras also caught Bey’s sister giving the business to none other than Maybach Music man Rick Ross*. Watch as Solange goes all WWE and more on Rozay, who ends up balled up in a fetal position for protection.

In their official statement for the incident, the “we have moved forward” remark stood out the most. On the surface, it sounds like a simple set of words regarding the situation. But with Beyonce and the Beygency are involved, the statement takes on greater meaning. Instead of being a sterile statement, it comes off as a command. In an effort to regain control of her/their image, an edict has been given that “we” – me, you and the Knowles, too – have forgotten all about the elevator incident. “We” have been told that “we” are moving forward. Fact is we haven’t and we won’t anytime soon.

You think August Alsina got pissed at the 106 chick? Jay may eventually snap and “Un” Rivera a competitor once a rapper drops a diss that lands too close to home. Imagine Solange skipping her meds one day then pulling a Kanye on the Paparazzi for buggin’ her about it. And Oprah’s already licking her chops at the chance to ask Bey about the mini-brawl and have the singer breakdown into tears while explaining how she ended up paralyzed in the corner.

So, nah, we haven’t moved on. The fight may be a sleeping dog for now but we’ll hear about it again soon. Which kind of sucks but Jay and Beyonce are sort of the rap generation’s new Cliff and Claire. Nobody particularly wants to see their picture-like story marred.

* — Yeah, at first glance, it got me, too, so don’t feel bad for being momentarily duped.

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