Sony’s Alleged Playstation Phone Sounds Good In Theory

12.06.10 7 years ago 11 Comments


The folks at Engadget continue to get the scoop on Sony Ericsson’s rumored Playstation Phone. This time, they found a pair of YouTube videos showing a little bit of the device in action.

And so far, it’s promising in its simplicity. Rather than gum up the works with Sony’s Xperia operating system, the phone is running stock Android, supposedly version 2.3. Playstation games are accessed through a Playstation app.

I do have to admit that it does look pretty good, which means Sony will find someway to mess this up. I’ve got more Sony stuff than a little bit & they make a lot of great products. But portable gaming hasn’t been kind to Sony with the PSP proving to be a big disappointment. One thing’s for sure though and that’s if they do bring this to market, you better believe they’ll continue to push it regardless of whether it’s a dead fish or not.

The Alleged Playstation Phone Looks … Good!” [Technologizer]

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