Spice 1 Feat. Devin The Dude & Scarface – “Rollin’ & Smokin'”

12.01.10 7 years ago 10 Comments

“Life threw me a curveball/I done been through a lot of shit/Ain’t smoked a blunt in three months cause I just took a lung hit/From a nine millimeter while I was sittin’ in a ‘Lac/In time tables’ll turn and I’ma get that nigga back…”

When the West’s most loved and adored artists are mentioned, hearing Spice 1’s name often fails to be named – in terms of mainstream recognition – alongside the Cubes, Pacs, Snoops, Dres, Too Shorts and E-40s of the world. While he may or may not deserve it, buddy is a legend and AmeriKKKa’s Nightmare has long since been considered a West Coast staple.

I just found out he has a new project on the way next week entitled Notorious Bastards and I am crying tattooed tears of joy the full version of “Rollin’ & Smokin'” is slated to make on the final cut. Without even trying to be fancy with the wordplay, this thing rides. Spice is still spitting that Bay Area street gospel while Scarface couldn’t lay a soft verse if his life depended on doing so. In the meantime, Devin is higher than unemployment rates as he provides damn near the perfect hook.

Ultimately, for as dope as the track is, Pac’s looming presence leaves the feeling of a missing element for one glaring reason. This is the type of record would have completely snapped on had this been any time before September 7, 1996*.


Spice 1 Feat. Devin The Dude & Scarface – “Rollin’ & Smokin'”

* — My guess is this track was recorded sometime in 2008 after his December 2007 shooting.

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