Stalley – “Sound Of Silence” Video

09.01.11 6 years ago 9 Comments

Stalley prides himself as being a rap scholar of the blue collar variety. His speech often monotone and measured. His dress is plain and regularly the same. But his no frills approach also creates no distractions, allowing listener’s ears to focus in on the bars and melody on each of his songs. And as he gears up for the release of a reworked version of ITM, the Ohio MC delivers the video for “Sound Of Silence,” directed by BMike of 2-Cent Films. Much like the artist, the video is minimal and relies more on Stalley’s wordplay to paint the picture of the scenes. Yet, the flow’s so solemn and grounded that the detail and dynamics of it all will slip right past you if you blink.

“Prowling through the Milq,
’73 Caprice, two-tone blue, black pinstripes
350 engine, dual Flowmasters,
Swisher Sweets gettin’ twisted, blastin’ out old tunes
Trying to match the music with my new views
Lookin’ at the world differently lately,
I just wanna take care of the lady that made me.”

SMC/Fontana’s release of Lincoln Way Nights will be the first time the album is available physically and digitally through iTunes, Amazon, etc. The new version comes fully remastered, complete with new songs and track listing and will be available November 1st.

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